Location of the dive site :

9. Fukui

Named after a Japanese diver who dived this site 20 years ago and wrote an article about it. Fukui is very different than the rest of Bunaken's dive sites, as it is actually the only divesite with a gentle slope. It is not just sloping, there are a few short steep drops , but alltogether, Fukui is a good start for a first dive.
It is also a so called "cleaning station", which means that all kinds of big fish have themselves cleaned while they take a rest. It is a perfect place to observe Napoleon wrasse, barracuda, Jacks and big snapper. A more sandy part of Fukui is home to a colony of garden eels. Spectacular but rare sightings have been thresher shark and a huge ocean sunfish. At a depth of about 17 metres, there are 5 big "Tridacna" giant clams lying in a row. Fukui normally has a very mild current that can occasionally be a bit stronger. Averange visibility is 20-25 meters.

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