Location of the dive site :

24. Barracuda Point

Yes - barracudas. And if they're there, a lot of them. Not only barracuda, but big tuna and jacks too. However, the problem is that they are not always around and this reef is not one of the best we have. The wall and slope is sandy and does not offer much live coral.
Barracuda like it here because of currents, so that is also something to be taken into account. It is also a bit further away and we will probably leave earlier that day from the LumbaLumba jetty.
To be honest, we think the chance of seeing a lot of barrcuda is just as great at Tanjung Kopi, north of Manado Tua. If the weather is good and everybody on the boat agrees to take the risk, we have no problems in taking you there. One thing is for sure: the trip is real cool!

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