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Our Diving Resort in Manado
Information about Diving in Bunaken including the dive sites
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Dive Site - Muka Gereja
Dive Site - Negeri
Dive Site - Tanjung Kopi
Dive Site - Mike's Point
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Dive Site - Mandolin
Dive Site - Rons Point
Dive Site - Fukui
Dive Site - Alung Banua
Dive Site - Cela Cela
Dive Site - Likuan I, II, III
Dive Site - Kelapa Pendek
Dive Site - Muka Kampung
Dive Site - Pangalisan
Dive Site - Bunaken Timur
Dive Site - Sachiko Point
Dive Site - Siladen Point
Dive Site - Spagetti Crossing
Dive Site - Bango
Dive Site - Gorango
Dive Site - Baraccuda Point
Dive Site - Batu Kapal
Dive Site - Tanjung Pisok
Dive Site - Manado Wreck
Dive Site - Lumbalumba House Reef
Dive Site - Tanjung Arakan
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Dutch - Main Page
Dutch - Resort
Dutch - Duiken Bunaken
Duikstekken - Muka Gereja
Duikstekken - Negeri
Duikstekken - Tanjung Kopi
Duikstekken - Mike's Point
Duikstekken - Raymonds Point
Duikstekken - Tengah
Duikstekken - Mandolin
Duikstekken - Rons Point
Duikstekken - Fukui
Duikstekken - Alung Banua
Duikstekken - Cela Cela
Duikstekken - Likuan I, II, III
Duikstekken - Kelapa Pendek
Duikstekken - Muka Kampung
Duikstekken - Pangalisan
Duikstekken - Bunaken Timur
Duikstekken - Sachiko Point
Duikstekken - Siladen Point
Duikstekken - Spaggeti Crossing
Duikstekken - Bango
Duikstekken - Gorango
Duikstekken - Barracuda Point
Duikstekken - Batu Kapal
Duikstekken - Tanjung Pisok
Duikstekken - Manado Wreck
Duikstekken - Lumbalumba House Reef
Duikstekken - Tanjung Arakan
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Dutch - FAQ Veel Gestelde Vragen
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- The diving with a difference -

PO Box 1721, Manado 95017
North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Tel. 62 - 431 - 838 440 ( Office )
62 - 431 838 441 ( Reception )
Cell Ph. 62 -(0)81 2430 2974
62 - (0)81 2430 2975

LUMBALUMBA Diving Manado


Diving Resort in Manado / North Sulawesi

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Sulawesi island, North Sulawesi, Our Location

Our exact location in Manado, North -Sulawesi, Indonesia

Did you know that...
- "Lumbalumba" means Dolphin? Learn more about dolphins (and whales.
- Diving Bunaken at about 30 dive sites and its sorroundings with LumbaLumba Diving in Manado, and we are still discovering new ones? Check out our Diving Bunaken Page for more info
Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado
Bunaken Scuba Diving. Underwater Gallery pictures taken by Opo Laut and Diving with us !