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(Diving in the Lembeh Strait)

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North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Tel. 62 - 431 - 838 440 ( Office )
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LUMBALUMBA Diving Manado


Diving Resort in Manado / North Sulawesi


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Sulawesi island, North Sulawesi, Our Location

Our exact location in Manado, North -Sulawesi, Indonesia

Did you know that...
- "Lumbalumba" means Dolphin? Learn more about dolphins (and whales.
- Diving Bunaken at about 30 dive sites and its sorroundings with LumbaLumba Diving in Manado, and we are still discovering new ones? Check out our Diving Bunaken Page for more info
Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado
Bunaken Scuba Diving. Underwater Gallery pictures taken by Opo Laut and Diving with us !