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How to get here...?

The easiest way to get to Manado is to fly via Singapore.

From most European, American and Asian airports, there are daily flights to Singapore's "Changi" Airport. From there, SILK AIR brings you to Manado, with in about 3 hours and 15 minutes. In the highseason 2007, ( from end of May until end of October) There will be five flights a week. After that the flights will be reduced until three to four flights a week. An alternative route is to fly to Jakarta and from there "hop" via, for example, Bali or Makkasar, to Manado. There are no direct flights from Jakarta to Manado wich makes the journey of course a bit less comfortable.
But whatever way you choose. At Manado International Airport, a car from "LumbaLumba Diving" is waiting for you.

For more info, visit the Silk Air website.

Lumbalumba Diving Manado
- North Sulawesi and safety -

- Minahasa view
In the past years and also recently, Indonesia has had a lot of bad publicity from television, media and the newspapers. Political changes, social unrest, ethnical and religious conflicts, Indonesia suffered it all! Our problem is that if there was unrest in Jakarta, or another part of Indonesia, it often was presented as if the whole of Indonesia was in state of war.
North Sulawesi and Manado has never seen any of the problems that unfortunately face other parts of Indonesia.
The predominant Christian population of Manado has always lived in peace and harmony and there is absolutely no indication at all that this is about to change. Before you decide to abort your holiday planning to North Sulawesi, please visit the website of NSTO (North-Sulawesi Tourism Organisation) for the latest and UNBIASED information on safety and security matters.
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PO Box 1721, Manado 95017
North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Tel. 62 - 431 - 838 440 ( Office )
62 - 431 838 441 ( Reception )
Cell Ph. 62 -(0)81 2430 2974
62 - (0)81 2430 2975

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Sulawesi island, North Sulawesi, Our Location

Our exact location in Manado, North -Sulawesi, Indonesia

Did you know that...
- "Lumbalumba" means Dolphin? Learn more about dolphins (and whales.
- Diving Bunaken at about 30 dive sites and its sorroundings with LumbaLumba Diving in Manado, and we are still discovering new ones? Check out our Diving Bunaken Page for more info
Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado
Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado
Bunaken Scuba Diving. Underwater Gallery pictures taken by Opo Laut and Diving with us !