Waste Water Gardens. Very good for the environment

  • In our resort and new in Manado are our Waste Water Gardens (WWG's):
    We have build them to clean our waste water and is an extremely ECO-friendly way of cleaning waste water. This is briefly how they work:
  • Before the waste water comes in contact with ground water it goes through a 
    large, solid and closed septic tank. From there it enters the WWG, which is basicly a waterproof tank, filled with gravel and a variety of plants. An ingenieus pipe system leads the waste water through the cell where the biological processes of plants and mircrobes, in combination of sunlight and gravity, purify the waste water.
  • There is a high bio-diversity in the beautifull Waste Water Gardens and it forms a 
    complete ecological system.There is no bad odors and mosquito breeding.
    The pictures show a set-up of a WWG that has just been installed and one of about a year old. See how it florishes!
  • This way of waste water treatment has been proven to be far more effective 
    and long-lasting than conventional sewage treatment. Particularly in 
    tropical zones.
  • Waste water treatment is not a difficult problem to solve in a responsible 
    way and we hope sincerely that others will follow soon..........

Waste Water Garden, just installed

Waste Water Gardens ( after 1 year )



In June/July 2003, Dr. Lyndon DeVantier and Dr. Emre Turak Have done a coral research in Bunaken National Park. Briefly, their findings were as 
follows : In approximately 10 days of diving, they counted ~380 species of hard coral, representing 63 genera and 16 families. They believe that if they had another 2 weeks, this number would probably even out at around 410-420 species. This is a very large number indeed, and very much verifies our position in the center of marine biodiversity. The most outstanding features they noted in Bunaken were the following :

1) Exceptional within-site richness. The average number of coral species they would count in a single dive was over 100 species. THe maximum number of species they counted on one dive was 221 species on East Mantehage - THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF SPECIES IN A SINGLE DIVE THEY HAVE RECORDED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! The extremely high richness at all sites suggests that the reefs here are very well connected genetically, which is an important thing for recovery after bleaching or other localized damage.

2) Excellent coral health overall. Of all the areas within the coral triangle that they have done these surveys (including - Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Banda, East Kimbe Bay PNB, Milne Bay PNG, Northern Great Barrier Reef, Sangihe-Talaud and others), Bunaken had the highest average live hard coral cover at 41%. This is something to be proud of, and reflects the hard work of a lot of people, especially those involved with the patrols.

3) Full genetic expression of the range of life forms that each individual coral species can adopt. In their words, the range of life forms seen around Bunaken was unrivaled, making this area a coral biologist's dream, not to mention sportdivers and snorklers!






Given the above 3 factors and the oceanography of the area, they felt that Bunaken was among the most resilient coral reef areas in the world -
an excellent choice for the siting of a marine park. And an excellent choice to experience it with Lumbalumba Diving!


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