Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Lumbalumba Diving
Scuba diving in Bunaken, Manado - North Sulawesi

Diving with Lumbalumba in Manado means visiting the most fantastic coral reefs of Bunaken National Marine Park, using the right equipment, two excellent boats, and protecting and preserving the environment!

Bunaken National Park


Bunaken National Marine Park is an official recognized and protected Marine Park of more than 75,000 hectares. There is a northern section which includes the islands, Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Montehage, Nain and part of the opposite lying coastline. This northern section is by far the biggest and most popular part of the park. The southern section is smaller and consists entirely of coastal area. It is also an area where in the past a lot of bomb fishing took place and the unfortunate results are still clearly seen. However, with the introduction of the new entrance fee system, an effective patrol schedule has been installed and is preventing further damage. Many parts of the reefs already show signs of recovering. Although less explored because it is further away for most operators, there are certainly many more interesting dive sites.
Most parts of the park are surrounded by plateau reefs, of which most end with the steep, spectacular dropoffs that this park is so famous for.There are a few sites with gentle slopes, but they definitely form a minority and are not really part of the parks' underwater geography.
Being located in southeast Asia, Bunaken National Marine Park reefs have the highest levels of marine biodiversity anywhere found on this planet.
Because of the National Park status, the reefs around the islands are divided in zones. This system of zonation allows better control and more effective management in order to preserve it for the future.

In short, there are 3 different kind of zones in the park.

-Tourism zones (open for diving/snorkling and no fishing allowed)
-Zones for general use (open for diving/snorkling and also fishing)
-Conservation zones (closed for diving/snorkling/fishing. Only open for conservation projects)

Maps of where the zones exactly are to be found and more background information is available and we are happy to tell you more at the LUMBALUMBA DIVING center.

Dive Equipment

Reception of our diving center

The wet-room

The Compressor Room

20 bcd's for rental purposes:
SEAQUEST Spectrum 1.
Size from small until Xlarge.
15 regulators for rental purposes:
First stage: MARES MR12 balanced diaphragm.
Second stage: Mares Beta.
Octopus: Mares Beta.
Consol: TUSA with compass, metric HP gauge and SUUNTO companion computer.
Low pressure inflater hose for BCD.
25 shorties, 4 mm thickness
Varies types full suits
Sizes from Xsmall until Xlarge.

Compressors and Tanks:
1BAUER K14, 260 litre per minute.
1BAUER Mariner, 190 litre per minute

80 luxfer 10.4 litre aluminium DIN/INT valve.
50 luxfer 11 litre aluminium INT valve.

Fins and Masks:

25 pairs of closed heel fins
MARES Plana Avanti
Sizes from 36 until 47.
20 masks in varies sizes.

Diving Vessels

Diver II

Diver III

Lenght: 11 metre.
Wide: 4.85 metre.
Engine: Single IVECO diesel, 6 cylinder, 115 PK.
Speed: 11 knots.
Fuel cap. 1000 ltrs.
Crew: 3
Oxygen: Yes.
Radio/Tel: Yes.
First aid kit: Yes.
Toilet: Yes.
Sundeck: Yes.
Tank storage: Yes.
Diveplatform: Yes
Lenght: 13.85 metre.
Wide: 4.85 metre.
Engine: Twin IVECO diesel, 6 cylinder, 115 PK.
Speed: 14 knots.
Fuel cap. 2000 litre.
Crew: 3.
Oxygen: Yes.
Radio/Tel: Yes.
First aid kit: Yes.
Toilet: Yes.
Sundeck: Yes.
Tankstorage: Yes.
Diveplatform: Yes

Diving Conditions

Water temperature ranges from 26 to 30 degrees Celsius (79 to 86 Fahrenheit) and visibility is 15 to 35 meters. Greater or lesser visibility occurs, but overall it is generally exceptional. Diving is possible year round. The waters around Manado are usually calm and waves rarely exceed a metre.
However, in the period, roughly November-February, when the west-wind blows, there can be days that the boats do not go out due to a high swell. If that is the case, we simply wait until the conditions clear up, (usually a few days) or we can drive you out to the Lembeh strait, on the other side of the North Sulawesi peninsula.
Some dive equipment considerations
Due to the relatively high water temperature, a 3 m.m. shorty is usually enough. If you get chilled easily, or are sensitive to stinging hydroids, a full suit would be a better bet. Since all our dives are multilevel dives, it is almost impossible to dive without a computer. Dive tables work of course, but will limit or shorten your dive significantly. We very strongly advise you to bring or rent your own computer.

Conservation and preservation

We think that we borrowed this world from our children. What you borrow you have to return in the same, or even better shape. That includes our reefs and all that lives here. Reefs are very fragile and can easily be damaged by careless divers and snorkellers.
We ask you kindly to respect all that lives here and stick to our ethical behaviour code:
So, don't touch anything. Don't take anything. Carefully compose your photos and have control over your buoyancy.
Before you start diving or snorkelling with us, you are required to read and sign an "environmental awareness statement".
We also appreciate it if you report violations related to conservation and preservation immediately to the guides or management. We will not make you follow a compulsary buoyancy course, but gloves are not allowed. We are quite strict with this policy and will not hesitate to exclude you from further diving or snorkelling if no respect is shown. Don't expect a refund on your payment in that case. That will be directly deposited on the account of the park management and used for conservation projects.
Many of the reefs in the world are in a miserable state because of lack of control and "bad diver behaviour". We will not allow that to happen here.

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Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado
Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado
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