Meet the Lumbalumba Diving Team!

We present to you the people that will make your stay as comfortable, pleasant and succesful as possible.
Meet The Team!


Kres is our youngest guide and has been with us since 1998. He is the youngest but also the most ambitious one and we don't think it will take long before he is instructor himself. Very eager to learn, he has great knowledge of underwater life. His ever so charming attitude, makes him real pleasant company to be with.

The sweetest dive guide you've ever been diving with. Maria has been with us from the very beginning. She has an extensive knowledge of what we have on marine life down here. Her never failing enthusiasm will leave an impression hard to forget. Maxi's wife and since November 2001, she is also the mother of Tiara and she can't wait to show her daughter Bunaken's underwater miracles.

Dive guide, boat captain, consultant, arranger of permits, director and sometimes mistaken for engineer. Also Maria's husband and Tiara's father. This very much appreciated, all-round and helpful staff member has been with us from the very beginning. Whether you go diving, shopping, or on a land tour with him, you always come back with more knowledge.

Revol is multifunctional. His communication skills are well developed, he can dive, is a good bartender and together with Maxi, he arranges a lot of inevitable paperwork with the various local authorities. He has great knowlegde of music and once you start a conversation with him, you will be hooked for at least an hour........


Sadat is the boat captain. His calm presence behind the helm gives you an assured and safe feeling whilst sailing to the next dive spot. He started as deckhand with us already 12 years ago but after 4 years left to continue his boat training and to help his father with the fishing business. Now he is back and it feels already as if he never left. Always in for a joke and full of humor, he is a guy you'll remember with joy.


John forms together with Marthin the kitchen management. All the beautifull made up appetizers, salads and fruit dishes are his brain childs. Together they are a team hard to beat!


Rollie is the kitchen help for Marthin and John. Very eager to learn, he picked up quickly the essential skills necessary in a kitchen. Beside completing the kitchen team he is also specialized in baking. The fresh morning bread rolls and many of he birthday cakes come from Rollie’s hand.


Is our first class chef. In his open kitchen, together with John, he creates the most delicious dishes and is a master on the barbeque. He knows many recipes from all over the world. Marthin, you shouldn't talk about, Marthin you have to taste!

Is in charge of housekeeping. Makes your bed, cleans the bathroom and takes care of your laundry. Anything you want or need concerning your room call Selvie. And she speaks English too!

Conny is our great help in the office and takes care of a large part of the administration. She keeps track of your dives, consumptions, controls stock lists etc and at the end of your stay settles the bill with you. Already working with us for many years, she became for our repeater guests a very familiar face in Lumbalumba Diving.


Jhoni, Emanuel, Freddy, Denny, Henky & Theo
are the gate keepers. Together with Jodie our (watch) dog, they form the security team and keep an eye on your and our properties on a 24 hour schedule. Manado is a very safe area but its always good to know someone is awake when we are sleeping.


Frengky started as deckhand and snorkel guide his dive career. Already snorkeling from the surface he spotted critters so small that some guests wanted him as guide above them while they were diving! Soon after that, he went through his dive training cum laude and is now a full time and excellent dive guide. Besides diving, Frengky excels in certain artistic talents. Many of our guests go home with special made woodcarvings or end the daytrip with a spectacular “one day lasting” tattoo on their shoulder made by Frengky.


Ricky is at the moment our youngest employee. He started in the garden and did many small side jobs in the resort. But the sea was calling him and he is for many of our repeat guests already a long time and trusted presence on the dive boat. Ricky is deck hand which means he changes your tanks, helps you gearing up and also goes out snorkeling with you if necessary. The next step is of course dive guide and it will probably not take long before you will also see him underwater.


Odeng is an excellent carpenter, he can build anything, repair and paint, you name it, he can do it. He is together with Tommy an essential part of our staff. All though we always build things as good as possible, the tropic has a harsh climate and without proper maintenance things quickly start to look bad. You will probably see him at work on many different spots in our resort. Beside all this he is also Selvie’s husband.


Tommy is the head of the engineering department and his own chef and staff. He is also our most senior employee. Electrical problems, water supply and maintenance, Tommy takes care of it in no time. If you ever wonder who that quiet man with the continuous BIG smile is?..........yes that's Tommy!


Judith, Eki, Donna and Lou are forming the Garden Team. All though we are a small resort, with only 5 bungalows, we have a huge garden of over 3.5 hectare. There is a great variety of fruit and spice trees, palms, orchids, there are fish ponds with waterfalls, a herb garden and also a part is forest with a few hundred valuable mahogany and teak trees. It is too much to mention all. As the resort is situated on a slope the landscaping is by nature already spectacular and it is always a joy to take a walk in it. Every thing grows fast in the tropics and daily maintenance by the Garden Team is very important to keep it in showroom condition. Judith is always busy with pruning and planting new compositions of flowerbeds. Lou and Donna are most of the time busy with keeping the lawns tidy and Eki, who is already there from the beginning, keeps the overview and helps wherever needed. They are maybe not so prominent present as, for example, the dive guides, but the results of their hard work is something you will enjoy through out your stay with us!  

gardenteam at lumbalumbadiving
Top: Lou and Judith
Down: Eki and Donna

Oooops ........, almost forgot these two. Juud & Roel, two Dutch, Padi Open Water Scuba Instructors. Previously active on the Maldives and in Sri Lanka, they started in Indonesia in 1996 with their Tasik Ria Diving Centre. Now, their way of living, is creating the new ultimate divers dream:
"LUMBALUMBA DIVING”. Together with their dedicated staff, they always try to make your stay, one you will remember with pleasure. With a warm heart for nature, they see conservation of Bunaken's reefs as one of their primary tasks. Warning. Once you been diving and staying with them, you will want to come back!

Lumbalumba Diving, Manado, Indonesia. Roel en Juud

Juud & Roel (click to enlarge)
"And last but not least",Marcell, Tiara, Frank, Nathan & Cici. Here having fun on the poolside where we are giving them swimming lessons. They are some of the children from the Team. In this case from Kres, Maxi & Maria, Revol, Conny and Marthin. They are not a staff member (yet) but they belong to the generation we borrowed the beautiful reefs from and what protection and preservation is all about. When we are gone they have to take over, to show the underwater world to your children. They are one of the most important reasons we like to protect our reefs.........
Marcell, Tiara, Frank, Nathan and Cici ( click to enlarge)

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Tel. 62 - 431 - 838 440 ( Office )
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Did you know that...
- "Lumbalumba" means Dolphin? Learn more about dolphins (and whales.
- Diving Bunaken at about 30 dive sites and its sorroundings with LumbaLumba Diving in Manado, and we are still discovering new ones? Check out our Diving Bunaken Page for more info
Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado
Diving Bunaken with Lumbalumba Diving Manado
Bunaken Scuba Diving. Underwater Gallery pictures taken by Opo Laut and Diving with us !
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